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Boke Cardigan x Marzia Kjellberg Kit

Advanced | 36H



Millennial Pink


Spotted Beige

Forest Green




Spotted Grey

Pearl grey

Spotted Blue

Spotted Mauve








Spotted Earthy Green

Dusty Blue

Digital Lavender


+2 Ball(s)
+2 Ball(s)

Pattern is digital and will be sent as a PDF to your email.


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Boke Cardigan x Marzia Kjellberg Kit
Boke Cardigan x Marzia Kjellberg Kit
Boke Cardigan x Marzia Kjellberg Kit
Boke Cardigan x Marzia Kjellberg Kit
Boke Cardigan x Marzia Kjellberg Kit
Boke Cardigan x Marzia Kjellberg Kit

The Boke Cardigan designed by Marzia Kjellberg is an advanced level knitting project. This project is knitted in four colors (A, B, C and D) and in several pieces which are then
seamed together. Most of the colorwork is worked with the intarsia technique. but the central motif in the back is embroidered once the cardigan is knitted.

Ball(s): 8-10


Needles (optional)

Step by step pattern instructions for all sizes in English, Español, Deutsch, Français, Italiano

An embroidery label

This project is worked in Petite Wool. Our Petite wool is a single wick fibre, characterized by its outstanding quality. Known for being soft, easy to knit and much thinner than our XL wool yarn balls, our Petite Wool will make your knitting experience an incredibly pleasant one. We adore the feeling of accomplishment as a piece grows from a little cast-on to a full-grown sweater. Enjoy the process!}
Marzia Kjellberg, who expresses her creativity through @itsmarziapie, is an Italian influencer and businesswoman. She enjoys writing, entrepreneurship, cosmetics, and fashion design, which is why she has a passion for knitting and creating patterns to craft her own garments and collections. She began her journey on social media with her YouTube channel, and today, she has a community of over 8.8 million followers.
This project is available in sizes: S [M, L, XL]

Measurements in centimeters:

Width: 48 [51, 58, 61] cm
Length: 51 [53, 54, 55] cm

Width: 16 [18, 21, 23] cm
Length: 51 [53, 54, 55] cm

Cuff: 20 [20, 22, 22]  cm
Length: 64 [65, 66, 68] cm
Armhole: 43 [43, 45, 45]  cm

Measurements in inches:

Width:18 1/2 [20, 22 1/2, 24] in
Length: 20 [20 1/2, 21, 21 1/2] in length

Width: 6 [7, 8, 9] in
Length: 20 [20 1/2, 21, 21 1/2] in

Length: 8 [8, 8 1/2, 8 1/2] in
Cuff: 25 [25 1/2, 26, 26 1/2] in
Armhole: 17 [17, 17 1/2, 17 1/2] in
Boke Cardigan x Marzia Kjellberg Kit
Airing instead of washing goes a long way. Materials like wool are even naturally self-cleaning. Hand-washing is always the gentler option and the one we recommend. Dry the garment flat and let them always dry in the shade. Do not tumble dry. Do not wring.
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